We can help you 
clear your name today. 

Instantly find out if you're blacklisted.
Check your credit quickly and easily with our automated system

Just one form clears your name at four South African credit bureaus.
Clear your name within 21 working days 
if you're blacklisted.

Over 50% of working South Africans are currently blacklisted with one or more credit bureaus.

Take the pain out of getting whitelisted. 
We can quickly and easily clear your name with Transunion, Experian, Compuscan and XDS Credit Bureaus.

We know how to help

Our patented KleenSlate system automates the delisting process with all four South African credit bureaus. 
We have a 99% success rate in getting our clients whitelisted within 21 working days.

Do you know your current credit status? Find out instantly


Over 50% of the South African workforce has an adverse finding against them. That is over 5-million people who cannot get a cell phone contract, a home loan or an account at a retail store. 

If you are the victim of unfair credit blacklisting due to poor business practices, banking errors and other bureaucratic bungling, we have the solution.

We can help you get your adverse finding removed within 21 working days with our patented technology platform and process.







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How does it work?

Our four step process to 
get your credit blacklisting removed.
How much does this cost?
R149 for the instant credit report and R1499 for the removal of your adverse listing within 21 days if you are blacklisted.


Frequently Asked Questions

Jane E.
Until the adverse listings on my personal credit profiles were cleared by KleenSlate I spent ridiculous amounts of money and effort with other two agencies who claimed they had the credentials and know how to help me. All they did was to confuse me and ripped me off! I will certainly recommend KleenSlate to anyone who needs their credit records cleaned up.
Janice B.
I’ve been passed from pillar to post for over 5 years trying to sort out the source of bad listings on my credit profiles which disadvantaged me from many job opportunities and finance applications. In one go KleenSlate cleared all black-listings from a number of credit bureaus I even haven’t heard of. Thank you KleenSlate for putting my finances back on a clean slate!
Step 1
We request your credit reports from all four South African credit bureaus
Step 2
We submit legal appeals on your behalf
Step 3
We monitor responses and ensure your blacklisting is removed from all four major credit bureaus within 21 working days
Step 4
We put in blocks to keep you from being blacklisted for the same debts in future






How do I know if I am blacklisted?
Most people don't. This is because you could be blacklisted for things out of your control or very small amounts being outstanding on accounts. This often happens due to poor business practices, banking errors and other bureaucratic red tape issues. 53% of working South Africans are blacklisted with one of the major credit unions such as Transunion, Experian, Compuscan or XDS.
What if I am blacklisted?
We can tell you if you are blacklisted with any credit bureau instantly. 
If you don't have a good credit record or are blacklisted it can affect you when applying for any credit (such as for a home loan, with a retail store, or for a cellphone contract), or when your credit score is checked by a potential employer (or even spouse!)
People we've helped 
Get an instant and full credit report instantly for R149
Satisfaction Guaranteed! 
Our one-of-a-kind patented system can help you clear your name if you find out you are blacklisted.

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R1499 to clear your name if blacklisted.